Bengawan Team UNS

Night orange at Shell eco marathon 2014

Luneta park, Manila, Philippine. 6-9 february

Indonesia Energy Marathon Challenge, 22-24 November 2012

Bengawan Team UNS recorded debut in IEMC 2012 with a 65.9 km / L in the Urban Concept class Gasoline and take 4th place. Thank you for your support and prayers during this time.


Congratulations! The name list below have passed all of the test and become the new member of Bengawan Team UNS

Technical :

Julian Fikri - Teknik Mesin
Andreas Desta - Teknik Mesin
Ravid Zulfiadib - Teknik Mesin
Rangga Prasetya - Teknik Mesin
Adam Grimaldi - Teknik Mesin
Rizki Kurniawan - Teknik Mesin
Anton Harseno - Teknik Mesin
Bakhtiar Widy - Teknik Mesin
Wahyu Rahmadi - Pend.Teknik Mesin
Rusdi Febriyanto - Pend. Teknik Mesin
Aris Purwanto - Pend. Teknik Mesin
Adhi Susanto - Pend. Teknik Mesin
Hafidz Asy’ari - Teknik Mesin D3

Non Technical :

Aulia Majid - Teknik Mesin
Adristi Chitagami - Teknik Mesin
Fitri Nur - Teknik Industri

So, welcome to our family and lets give the best of your ability to make this team better and greater than before. For you who have not chosen, it does not mean you are not better.
Keep in spirit!