Samudra 3.0 Urban Diesel

Benganwan Team UNS is back to fight in the biggest competition of efficient vehicle in Indonesia. “Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi” or KMHE is the national competition event in Indonesia, held by DIKTI in cooperation with Brawijaya University who bring a place for all of Indonesian collage students to design and build a vehichle with high energy efficiency. It’s held at Kanjuruhan, Malang on October 2015 and followed by at least 85 teams. Competition divide in several classes , including urban gasoline , urban diesel, urban electric, prototype gasoline, prototype diesel and prototype electric. Bengawan Team UNS joining the urban diesel category with Samudra 3.0

The first day, the entire team re-register, check in the Kanjuruhan Malang, and then technical meeting. The second day of KMHE, opening ceremony is held. Agendas of the day continued with a tour briefing RC &sirkuits and other important agendas are Technical Inspestion & Practice Race. Technical Inspestion is worth testing the readiness of the participants’ car prior to the race .Scrutineering consists of two tests, they are Static and Dynamictests . In detail, these tests include acceleration , braking tests , the dimensions of the car , driver weight , visibility , test the lights .

With more mature in preparation, Bengawan Team do the technical inspestion, so bengawan team be able to do the race  immediately. After going through the 10 step process of scrutineering bengawan team finally escapes both tests , static and dynamic . After lining up at the starting line bengawan team underwent its first race . Each team is given the opportunity to do a race 5 , the first time the team had to finish the race 8 laps with a maximum of 25 minutes for the prototype class and 30 minutes for Urban class , and if the middle of the race within 30 seconds the car failed to turn on the starter then considered failed or do not finish . On the occasion of this increment bengawan team managed to finish with the best result is 150,497 km / l . Finally, Bengawan Team got 2nd place on urban diesel category on KMHE 2015.

Bengawan Team got 2nd place in KMHE 2015 Urban Diesel