Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016 Participants

Bengawan Team UNS is back! We are coming back to hit the track on Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016. Shell Eco-marathon is a super-mileage competition held by Shell to inspire inovation for students around the world to design, build and test a vehicle that can reach farthest distance with the most efficient energy consume. SEM is devided by 3 region, Europe, America and Asia. SEM-Asia 2016 is held at Luneta Park Manila, Philippines on March 2016 and followed by 118 team from 17 country around Asia-Pacific and Midle East. This is the third participation of Bengawan Team UNS in this event and the last year of the event held in Manila, Philippines. In this chance Bengawan Team UNS represent 2 teams, which are Bengawan Team 1 with Samudra 2.0 Urban Gasoline and Bengawan Team 2 with Samudra 3.0 Urban Diesel.

Our first debut in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2014 in Manila was so great, we got 2nd place at category Urban Gasoline. On the second of our participation on Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015 we still get a good result, 3rd place at category Urban Diesel. We believe that hard work, teamwork, and loyalty of the Bengawan Auto – Team members makes great achievement. It’s proven by after getting the 2nd place in the KMHE “Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi” that held in Kanjuruhan circuit, Malang on October 2015, Bengawan Team UNS with Samudera 3.0 earned the 2nd place at category Urban Diesel on Shell Eco - Marathon Asia 2016 back. We also get 4th place at category Urban Gasoline for Samudra 2.0, How an awesome result!

Earned the 2nd place in National and International event isn’t make us over complacency, this achievement is makes us to innovate more over, and with this, make us confidence for the next project, KMHE 2016 and Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2017.

Bengawan Team UNS on Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016