Bengawan Team UNS

Night orange at Shell eco marathon 2014

Luneta park, Manila, Philippine. 6-9 february

Indonesia Energy Marathon Challenge, 22-24 November 2012

Bengawan Team UNS recorded debut in IEMC 2012 with a 65.9 km / L in the Urban Concept class Gasoline and take 4th place. Thank you for your support and prayers during this time.


Here we go. We're going back to looking for a new team member. Let's join with us and be the one of the best team in Asia!

Mark the date! We open the registration on :
March, 21st - 27th 2016 

Requirement :
1. An active student of Sebelas Maret University, prefer 2014 and 2015
2. Committed, responsible, and initiative
3. Able to work in a team
4. Able to work under pressure
5. Have knowledge, skills, creativity, and innovation to develop the team

Position :
1. Technical
    Main jobs is to design, build, and research for the vehicles.
    Should have excelent skills, large knowledge about advanced technology,
    and many innovation idea. There are four division :
    Design, Chassis, Body, Engine and Electrical.
2. Non Technical
    Main jobs is to take control for all of team administration, manage the team finances,
    public relations, and looking for sponsorships. There are three division :
    Administration, Public Relation, and Sponsorship.

How to Apply :
1. Like our Facebook fanspage
    Bengawan Team UNS for Shell Eco-marathon Asia

2. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram
    Twitter : @bengawanteamUNS
    Instagram : @bengawanteamuns

3. Fill the registration form by clicking this following url,

4. Attend the Technical Instruction on March, 28th 2016 at Mechanical Engineering 
    Departement UNS at 03.00 p.m

Thanks and good luck!


Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016 Participants

Bengawan Team UNS is back! We are coming back to hit the track on Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016. Shell Eco-marathon is a super-mileage competition held by Shell to inspire inovation for students around the world to design, build and test a vehicle that can reach farthest distance with the most efficient energy consume. SEM is devided by 3 region, Europe, America and Asia. SEM-Asia 2016 is held at Luneta Park Manila, Philippines on March 2016 and followed by 118 team from 17 country around Asia-Pacific and Midle East. This is the third participation of Bengawan Team UNS in this event and the last year of the event held in Manila, Philippines. In this chance Bengawan Team UNS represent 2 teams, which are Bengawan Team 1 with Samudra 2.0 Urban Gasoline and Bengawan Team 2 with Samudra 3.0 Urban Diesel.

Our first debut in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2014 in Manila was so great, we got 2nd place at category Urban Gasoline. On the second of our participation on Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015 we still get a good result, 3rd place at category Urban Diesel. We believe that hard work, teamwork, and loyalty of the Bengawan Auto – Team members makes great achievement. It’s proven by after getting the 2nd place in the KMHE “Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi” that held in Kanjuruhan circuit, Malang on October 2015, Bengawan Team UNS with Samudera 3.0 earned the 2nd place at category Urban Diesel on Shell Eco - Marathon Asia 2016 back. We also get 4th place at category Urban Gasoline for Samudra 2.0, How an awesome result!

Earned the 2nd place in National and International event isn’t make us over complacency, this achievement is makes us to innovate more over, and with this, make us confidence for the next project, KMHE 2016 and Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2017.

Bengawan Team UNS on Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016


Samudra 3.0 Urban Diesel

Benganwan Team UNS is back to fight in the biggest competition of efficient vehicle in Indonesia. “Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi” or KMHE is the national competition event in Indonesia, held by DIKTI in cooperation with Brawijaya University who bring a place for all of Indonesian collage students to design and build a vehichle with high energy efficiency. It’s held at Kanjuruhan, Malang on October 2015 and followed by at least 85 teams. Competition divide in several classes , including urban gasoline , urban diesel, urban electric, prototype gasoline, prototype diesel and prototype electric. Bengawan Team UNS joining the urban diesel category with Samudra 3.0

The first day, the entire team re-register, check in the Kanjuruhan Malang, and then technical meeting. The second day of KMHE, opening ceremony is held. Agendas of the day continued with a tour briefing RC &sirkuits and other important agendas are Technical Inspestion & Practice Race. Technical Inspestion is worth testing the readiness of the participants’ car prior to the race .Scrutineering consists of two tests, they are Static and Dynamictests . In detail, these tests include acceleration , braking tests , the dimensions of the car , driver weight , visibility , test the lights .

With more mature in preparation, Bengawan Team do the technical inspestion, so bengawan team be able to do the race  immediately. After going through the 10 step process of scrutineering bengawan team finally escapes both tests , static and dynamic . After lining up at the starting line bengawan team underwent its first race . Each team is given the opportunity to do a race 5 , the first time the team had to finish the race 8 laps with a maximum of 25 minutes for the prototype class and 30 minutes for Urban class , and if the middle of the race within 30 seconds the car failed to turn on the starter then considered failed or do not finish . On the occasion of this increment bengawan team managed to finish with the best result is 150,497 km / l . Finally, Bengawan Team got 2nd place on urban diesel category on KMHE 2015.

Bengawan Team got 2nd place in KMHE 2015 Urban Diesel