Bengawan Team UNS - 2nd Runner Up on Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015

Bengawan Team UNS after hitted the track on SEM Asia 2015, Manila, Philippines
          Yeah Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015 has held again from February 26 till March 1, 2015 at the same venue, Luneta Park, Manila, Philippines. The Shell Eco-marathon is more than just a global mileage competition as it’s such an effort to generate awareness and push the boundaries of energy efficiency and sustainable mobility among young and talented students who will be the future scientists, engineers and technology innovators.This annual event challenging 120+ teams from more than 15 countries, this event has much more improvement from the previous one. At this opportunity, Bengawan Team UNS represent 2 teams, which are Bengawan Team 1 (Estungkara 2.0) and Bengawan Team 2 (Samudra 3.0). Bengawan team 1 competed in Electric Prototype class, while Bengawan Team 1 challenged the Urban Diesel class. Brought a lot of pressure due to Bengawan Team was the defending Runner-Up at Urban Gasoline class at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014 from our first attempt.
           Moreover, with a bunch of team-spirit, great effort, and loyalty. Bengawan Team 2 finally got 3rd place at urban Diesel Class. Record 99.2 km/L, this Samudra 3.0 made Indonesian team’s once again dominate Asia. Especially on the Urban Diesel category along side Institut Negeri Sepuluh November and Institut Teknologi Bandung.
          Bengawan Team UNS proud to be one of the team who represent Indonesia on an international event such as Shell Eco-marathon Asia. Furthermore it’s not easy to be one of the champions with a bunch of problems that we should have solve. Just  give all you have and your best. Bengawan Team UNS, Nomor Satu! (ms)