BENGAWAN TEAM UNS get triumphed in Kenjeran

Student mechanical engineering of Sebelas Maret University get achievements in Indonesia Energy Marathon Challenge ( IEMC ) with runner -up urban class gasoline .Energy -efficient car competition held by the Higher Education in cooperation with ITS. Competition divide in several classes , including urban gasoline , diesel urban , urban electric , gasoline and prototype , and prototype diesel electric prototype .

The first day on Thursday 14th November 2013, the entire team re-register, check in the Kenjeran Park Hotel, and then technical meeting. The second day of IEMC on 15th November , 2013, opening ceremony is held.  Tim Bengawan attracted attention with his car, nightorange , which is the most excellent in design and good looking . Organizers and participants were keen to take pictures next to the nightorange .

Agendas of the day continued with a tour briefing RC &sirkuits and other important agendas are Scrutineering& Practice Race .Scrutineering is worth testing the readiness of the participants’ car prior to the race .Scrutineering consists of two tests, they are Static and Dynamictests . In detail, these tests include acceleration , braking tests , the dimensions of the car , driver weight , visibility , test the lights . The  night orange has not escaped scrutineering on first day , because of rain in the Kenjeran circuit. This is also impede the process of scrutineering .

Saturday,16th  November, 2013 , with more mature in preparation, Bengawan team do scrutineeringback, so bengawan team be able to do the race  immediately. After going through the 10 step process of scrutineering bengawan team finally escapes both tests , static and dynamic . After lining up at the starting line bengawan team underwent its first race . Each team is given the opportunity to do a race 5 , the first time the team had to finish the race 8 laps with a maximum of 25 minutes for the prototype class and 30 minutes for Urban class , and if the middle of the race within 30 seconds the car failed to turn on the starter then considered failed or do not finish . On the occasion of this increment bengawan team managed to finish with the achievements of 128.5419 km / l . This is a good result in the first race , many failed pesrta through the race due to many constraints .

Samudra and his crew

Not satisfied with these achievements bengawan team returned to the race on the last day of the competition. Four race remaining is used by bengawan team to get maximum results . In the second race bengawan get 135.8922 km / l .

Although the result is still rising team imagined ITS team that reached the highest acquisition of 150.28 km / l and below the bengawan team there is UNTAR team with the acquisition of 100.47 km / l .

Still eagerly pursuing the achievement gap , do a race team bengawan 3rd time , but unfortunately in the race for the 3rd and 4th of this river experienced team failed to finish the race because of problems in the technic. In last race, achievement of the team decreased to 134 km/L