Bengawan Team Sebelas Maret University is a team that design, build and research an ultra energy-EFFICEINT vehicles. We were challenged to design and build a vehicle with many innovation to maximize fuel efficiency by develop body, chasis, engine and drive line. Go and fuel your innovation using less amount of energy. Start with the determination and strong intention for it and bring the name of the university and participated in the national and international levels competition. With the knowledge that has been obtained on the bench contributed lectures and applied in real life. One way to follow the race to develop energy-saving and efficient energy for the future, renewable energy but also has a high efficiency.

The name of the team was inspired by a river that crosses the city of Surakarta who became the longest river on the island of Java, Indonesia. So for the future, the team will try harder to be the forefront in the field of advanced technology of energy efficient.

Faculty of Engineering
Jl. Ir. Sutami. No. 36 A Surakarta 57126
Telephone (0271) 647 069
Fax (0271) 662 118
email: bengawanteamuns@gmail.com