Category Concept City (UrbanConcept)

KRUCE, Urban Concept Car from NUS
for Shell Eco-marathon  2009
In 2003 Shell created the special Urban Concept category to broaden the challenge. Until then students focused uniquely on developing prototypes, with the main design criteria of building the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient vehicle possible. The introduction of the Urban Concept category asked students to look at developing fuel-efficient solutions that could be applied to the cars of today.

Unlike Prototype vehicles, all Urban Concept cars must meet a series of roadworthiness criteria found in modern passenger vehicles (such as having four wheels, a steering wheel, head and tail lights, a brake pedal, doors, etc.).

Participants had to make a similar vehicle vehicle models commonly used today. Height ranging from 100 to 130 inches, width of between 120 to 130 centimeters long, between 220 to 350 inches, maximum weight of 205 pounds without a driver and a variety of other conditions.