Bengawan Team UNS

Night orange at Shell eco marathon 2014

Luneta park, Manila, Philippine. 6-9 february

Indonesia Energy Marathon Challenge, 22-24 November 2012

Bengawan Team UNS recorded debut in IEMC 2012 with a 65.9 km / L in the Urban Concept class Gasoline and take 4th place. Thank you for your support and prayers during this time.

Bengawan Team fight on Grand Final Driver's World Championship 2017

Throwback, when we fight and compete in Grand Final Driver's World Championship 2017. Let's focus on the next competition, Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi 2017 and Shell Eco-marathon 2018. Wish us luck!

Drivers' World Championship 2017 Has Taught A Lot of Things for Our Team

Our team was heading to London, last monday, May 22nd 2017. We have sent our car a week before, and can't wait to see it again there.

After the long flight, we arrived in London and had a rest to face the first day of competition. We were excited to meet our car, and prepared it for the technical inspection. We spent the first day of competition to make sure that our car is ready for the technical inspection on the next day. And we did it! We passed the technical inspection in a day.

Passing the technical inspection, we were facing the qualification to determine our position in the final race. We have discussed about the strategy to get start in the middle position, or in this case, 5th position. And we made it. We started in the 5th position in the final race.

In the final race, we were sure that we will get our target with took the 4th position in the second lap. But, the weather was going bad. Heavy rain happened and the final race is being stopped. There is no extra time. The final result is based on the start position.

The result is disappoint us. But there is always a lesson to learn in every situation. The bad weather that suddenly happened in the competition made us to think about lot of possibilities that we need to anticipate. And overall, this Drivers' World Championship 2017 competition remind us to strengthen the bond between each other as a team.

We might failed for now, but this failure is strengthen our resolve to coming back to the Drivers' World Championship to make a new history and bring back the trophy to Indonesia.


 God bless us! In Shell Eco-marathon 2017 at Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore. We get two achievements on this event:

1.) First Runner up of Driver's World Championship Asia 2017
2.) Fourth place from thirty two teams at urban ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Category with the best result 213 km/l.

Thanks for your supports, your hopes, and your unlimited spirit for us!
We dedicate these achievements for Indonesia, Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret, Keluarga Mahasiswa Teknik Mesin UNS, and you! Thanks a lot!

Keep sending your prayers and supporting for us, because our journey hasn't done yet! 
As representatives from Indonesia and Asia, we will work harder for being a number one in the world. 

Wish us luck for being a champion in Grand Final Driver's World Championship on 22 - 28 May 2017 at London, United Kingdom!